Why Choose Us

Choosing a financial advisor is one of the most important decisions you will make. So it’s critical to look beyond slick sales pitches and insist on substance. Every consumer should demand not just experience and expertise from their advisor, but also proof that they’re on your side.


Anyone can claim to be a financial advisor, even those who lack the most basic credentials. At Mitlin Financial, we’re proud to be the real deal. Founder Lawrence Sprung holds the Certified Financial Planner credential from the CFP® Board of Standards. The CFP® is earned through rigorous training and exams covering everything from budgeting to investing to estate planning. Larry has the unique ability to explain the most complicated financial concepts in easy-to-understand terms, which helps clients feel confident and empowered as they make key decisions.


Larry has more than 20 years of experience helping business owners, authors and those seeking to get the most out of their retirement. Since Mitlin’s founding in 2004, we’ve helped clients avoid risk, seize opportunity and navigate through all kinds of market conditions. Our deep and broad experience helps clients to “see around corners” and create comprehensive financial plans that minimize surprises and maximize success.


Your financial life is much more than investments. Mitlin creates comprehensive, multi-dimensional financial plans that encompass our clients’ full range of short-and long-term financial needs. We then partner closely with CPAs, attorneys and other professionals to make sure that our clients’ plans are fully implemented. We don’t earn additional income from coordinating with these experts—we consider it part of our responsibility to our clients.

On Your Side

Every financial professional claims to have his or her clients’ best interests at heart. But the industry’s primary business model is rife with conflicts of interest. The predominant type of advisor is technically a broker—or in plain English, a salesperson. Brokers work under a standard that allows them to consider their own commission payments when deciding on which products to recommend to you. The bottom line: Brokers work in an environment in which they continually weigh their own financial interest against yours.

We’re different. As an independent fiduciary advisor regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission, we are legally required to put our clients’ interests ahead of our own. Our compensation model backs this up: Typically, we earn a set fee regardless of which products or solutions we recommend. With that being said, we are also able to provide our clients with insurance products that can only be sold with sales commissions. In cases where such products are in our clients’ best interests, we will fully disclose the compensation we stand to earn by recommending them.

Mitlin Financial is fully on our clients’ side and fully transparent about how we do business. Our success grows from helping you to succeed.