MickeyTravels, LLC with Greg Antonelle, Episode #161

Greg Antonelle spent twenty years in the staffing/executive recruiting industry before becoming fully immersed in the travel industry. He and his wife Elyssa started MickeyTravels, LLC in January 2011. MickeyTravels was initially born out of his wife’s passion for Disney. Greg started …

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Dream With Dan, Episode #64

What are the dreams you have for life? Are they merely daydreams or are you doing something practical to change yourself so you’ll be able to accomplish them? On this episode, Dan Mangena joins us… he’s a motivational speaker, author, and coach at “Dream with Dan.” His experience in life is …

Fleury 14, Episode #63

When it comes to the determination and tenacity that a strong mindset provides, Theo Fleury is a man who knows both. He’s a former NHL All-star, Olympic Gold Medalist, and Stanley Cup winner. His 15-year career spanned 1000 games and 1000 points scored. Today he’s helping as many people as …

Road to Recovery, Episode #62

Have you struggled with a besetting habit or type of addiction? My guest today, Ambus Hunter, has had the same experience and shares from his recovery story to help others get out of the situations that bind them. At 24 years old, he was student debt-free and financially prospering, but was …

Squish Marshmallows, Episode #61

Every new business has a story behind it, sometimes it’s painful and other times full of drama and excitement. Katherine Sprung’s story began in the simplest way. She tried a marshmallow recipe and loved it… from there she began experimenting with recipes, trying them out with her family an …

Foundation for the Carolinas, Episode #60

When you think of Charity organizations, do you think of a simple giving and receiving relationship? Or do you recognize there are complexities involved in contributing and receiving gifts like real estate, business interests, and non-cash assets? As you can probably tell from the questions …

Soul on Ice, Episode #59

What are you willing to do to reach the goals you’ve been dreaming of? Would you diligently study your craft to become the best at what you do? Would you be willing to leverage the connections you make to push your dream forward? If needed, would you sell your own house? My guest on this …

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