Boosting Your Confidence: Unleash Your Inner Power, Episode #168

Emily Jaenson is a keynote speaker, podcast host, author, and co-founder of the Assist Group.

Emily has been called a next-level motivator and inspirational leader. She lives up to her motto, “Be so good they won’t forget you!”

Emily grew up in a small town with amazing parents but wanted more excitement. The person she was couldn’t reach the goals she had for herself. She needed to become a more confident person. So she was intentional about putting herself in uncomfortable situations to experience the growth she wanted.

Emily’s wildly successful TEDx talk, “Six Tips for Building Your Confidence,” which garnered 3 million views in one year, covers some of the strategies she used to boost her own confidence. Listen in for some great takeaways about leadership for the next generation and how confidence can play a role in your success.

You will want to hear this episode if you are interested in…

  • Learn more about Emily Jaenson [3:01]
  • What it’s like to present a TEDx Talk [7:01]
  • Why confidence is key to success [13:38]
  • Check out “Financial Planning Made Personal” [15:58]
  • The 6 behaviors to increase your confidence [16:41]
  • Be so good they won’t forget you [28:39]
  • The first female in Triple-A baseball to hold the GM role [30:55]
  • What Emily did today that put her in the mindset for success [35:06]

Why confidence is key to success

In Emily’s TEDx talk, she talks about practicing the behaviors necessary to achieve growth and experience success. Confidence is a skillset that has to be built.

Emily has interviewed over 150 women on her podcast, “Leadership is Female.” She saw a common thread in every interview: confidence. These women found their voices and increased their confidence. Emily realized it was a common theme in her life as well.

These women viewed confidence as a skillset that could be built. Emily knew this message needed to be shared. If people could improve their confidence, what could they be capable of? She built her TEDx talk from this premise.

The 6 behaviors to increase your confidence

So what six behaviors can you implement in your life to boost your confidence?

  1. 20 seconds of courageWhat could you achieve if you only had to be brave for 20 seconds? When Emily started her podcast, she was sitting on her closet floor listening to the podcast intro. She gave herself 20 seconds of courage and hit “Publish.” Three years later the podcast is alive and thriving. What if she hadn’t allowed herself that 20 seconds of courage?
  2. Cheer someone else on: This is a game-changer. Women are often intimidated by other successful women. Emily started saying “Good for you,” and cheered others on because a rising tide really does lift all ships.
  3. Take a seat at the table: Some people enter the boardroom and wait for the seats to be filled before taking their own. But you’ve earned a place in the room. Introduce yourself, tell people who you are, and sit down.
  4. Bolster your confidence through the great performance of a skill you can already perform with excellence. We’ve all had to try something new that’s scary. This will give you a running start for what you want to do next. Reflect on what you’ve accomplished.
  5. 3, 2, 1: Go: Counting will get you started, momentum will keep you going. Do this when you have to have a conversation that you’re dreading. It’s always better when you say what you need to say rather than retreat.
  6. Celebrate constantly: The more you celebrate, the more you wire your brain for more success. We like comfort. Your body likes to live in homeostasis. But when you push yourself beyond your comfort zone and survive, you have to tell your brain “I made it!” and push your comfort zone a little bit further. It becomes easier to do the thing you once thought was hard.

Listen in for more details about each of these steps!

Be so good they won’t forget you

“Be so good they won’t forget you” is the motto that Emily lives by. Many people lead busy lives where they’re constantly over-committed. You can’t sign up to attend a meeting, workout, etc. and only be half there and constantly multi-tasking. You’re living a distracted life.

Only when you’re 100% present in every situation you find yourself can you be so good they won’t forget you. Be wholly present for what you’ve committed to doing. People deserve your best. You deserve the space to show up.

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Connect with Emily Jaenson


Emily has been called a next level motivator and inspirational leader. She lives up to her motto, “Be so good they won’t forget you!” Her wildly successful TEDx talk, Six Tips for Building Your Confidence, garnered 3 million views in one year and was #12 on the list of most watched TEDx talks of the 16,000 uploaded to the TEDx YouTube channel in 2022.

She is frequently called upon to speak and consult on how to create more confident, goal driven employees, by Fortune 500 Companies, sports organizations, and national conferences. She teaches strategies that create more confident employees who experience less fear and anxiety, have increased motivation, have greater resilience, improved relationships with colleagues, and bring their authentic selves to work.

Emily emerged onto the scene as a leader in the sports industry when she was named General Manager of a Triple-A baseball team in Minor League Baseball, the first female to hold this role in nearly 20 years. She was later named to the DE&I committee partnering Major and Minor League Baseball in inclusion efforts.

She leads a podcast, Leadership is Female, where she interviews female executives so that she and her guests can guide the next generation of female leadership forward. Leadership is Female is among the top 10% of podcasts consumed globally and in the top 200 of business podcasts worldwide.

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Boosting Your Confidence: Unleash Your Inner Power, Episode #168

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