The Corporate Transparency Act: What You Need to Know

By Mike Valenti, CPA, CFP®, Director,Tax Planning LLCs can provide legal protections and a level of anonymity, either or both of which can be beneficial for business owners, investors, and others with valid intentions. But those features also attract criminal activity, and layers of shell c …

Life Insurance for Business and Estate Planning

By Matt Lewis, CLTC, Vice President, Insurance Life insurance is designed to provide for your loved ones after your death, giving you peace of mind that their financial needs will be met without your income. But life insurance can benefit your financial planning in many other ways.

Building Your Ideal Business Succession Plan

By Odaro Aisueni, CFP®, Wealth Planning Administrator As a small business owner, you’re likely so immersed in the routine functions of your business that you haven’t yet put much thought into the day you leave it behind. In fact, most small business owners have so much purpose t …

Succession Planning for Your Business

  The hit show Succession on HBO has shown all business owners the importance of having a succession plan.  Although the company started by the Roy family, Waystar Royco, is a multi-billion dollar company, many of the challenges faced by them as a business and a family is things that n …

5 Common Business Exit Planning Mistakes (and How to Avoid Them)

By Elizabeth Schanou, JD, CExPTM , Senior Wealth Planner  Succession planning – or more accurately “business exit planning” – is a critical process that has weighty implications for small business owners. There are two key goals: You want to ensure a seamless transition that will pres …

Business Succession Planning Checklist

The business succession process isn’t a “rainy day” task. It’s a living process that you should start as soon as possible.  You’ve probably given it some thought and almost figured out how you want to transition your business, but an “almost” succession plan is no plan at all. Fill in the f …

Understanding Cash Balance Plans

Business owners need to understand what cash balance plans are and how they work.  These types of plans are becoming increasingly popular among business owners who want to provide both themselves and their employees with a steady stream of income in retirement and provide the business with …

Planning Your Exit Strategy

When should you start planning your exit strategy? If you’re a business owner, your exit path should already be on your mind, no matter how far away it might be.

Is Your Business or Side Gig Getting Paid Through A Payment App?

    Independent contractors who accept payments via payment apps such as Venmo and PayPal are facing a new reality in 2022. The IRS announced that they will require the payment apps to issue a 1099 to those businesses’ accounts that receive payments of $600 or more during th …

The Human Advisor

We are honored to share episode 33 of The Human Advisor Podcast “Larry Sprung on building an inclusive practice inspired by family values”   About THE HUMAN ADVISOR: This podcast is dedicated to changing the conversation from how big a financial advisor’s book of business is to how wel …

Breaking Down the Basics of ISOs

Companies have several tools they can deploy in order to retain top talent, and one that is gaining traction is incentive stock options, or ISOs. Much like non-qualified stock options (NSOs), ISOs are a form of equity compensation in private or public companies.

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