Preparing for Your Bundle of JOY

Wondering how to prepare financially for a new baby? Check out our complimentary “Preparing for Your Bundle of Joy” checklist, full of financial advice for new parents to help you get ready for your bundle of JOY. Download the Checklist

Revocable Living Trusts as part of an Estate Plan

Our latest webinar, Revocable Living Trusts as part of an Estate Plan with Carson Group’s Director, Trust Services Scott Berryman and Manager & Sr. Wealth Planner Tom Fridrich is now available for viewing on-demand. 

Estate Planning

Often, people believe that estate planning only benefits the very wealthy, but nothing could be further from the truth. It’s something everyone needs to engage in regardless of age, estate size or marital status. If you have a bank account, investments, a car, home or other property—you hav …

Facts vs Feelings: Finding Joy with Larry Sprung

It’s impossible to encounter the question “What did you do today that brought you joy?®” without Larry Sprung immediately coming to mind. We hope you enJOY episode 38 of Facts vs Feeling hosted by Ryan Detrick, Chief Market Strategist, and Sonu Varghese, VP Global Macro St …

Always Your Baby, but Not Your Child Anymore

Picture this, your baby, the tiny bundle of joy you brought into this world, is now 18, legally an adult. Suddenly, the rules change. You’re still Mom or Dad, but legally speaking, you’re not automatically entitled to make decisions on their behalf anymore. Scary, right? This a …

Helping Aging Parents Manage and Protect Their Finances

Your parents taught you everything you know about money. From opening your first checking account to taking out your first car loan, they were always there to guide you. But as your parents get older, they may begin turning to you for help with their finances. How do you begin to navigate t …

When Should I Start Worrying About an Estate Plan?

Who wants to spend an afternoon thinking about their mortality? No one, which is why more than half of Americans don’t even have a will. A will is a legal document that directs:

How Estate and Gift Taxes Can Impact Your Financial Plan

Tom Fridrich, JD, CLU, ChFC®, Manager and Senior Wealth Planner Giving something you own to someone else. It’s a simple, human act – one that seems like it shouldn’t take too much planning to do it correctly. But when does gifting become a tax issue? What do you need to consider about gifti …

What Are You Paying Your Advisor, Do You Know?

Financial Services is littered with jargon and many firms rely on smoke and mirrors to confuse you so you cannot discern what you are paying your advisor. You should be able to discern what your costs are relatively easily. One of the very first things we share with families when we are exp …

The Growing Need for Black Financial Planners

  In recent times, African Americans have been increasingly becoming more financially literate, and as such, the need for financial advisors and planners who understand the unique cultural and financial challenges of this group has grown. African American financial planners are essenti …

Your New Year’s Financial Planning Resolutions

Watch our on-demand webinar, “Your New Year’s Financial Planning Resolutions” with Carson Group’s Retirement Plan Advisor Chris Tooker and Senior Wealth Planner Mark Petersen.  

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