Why You Need a Plan: Strategies for Medicare and Long-Term Care Planning

Watch our on-demand webinar, “Why You Need a Plan: Strategies for Medicare and Long-Term Care Planning” featuring Carson Group’s Vice President, Insurance Matt Lewis and Manager & Senior Wealth Planner Tom Fridrich. 

Dollar Cost Averaging: A Strategy for All Seasons

When I began saving for my children’s education I never realized the impact that dollar cost averaging would have over a long period.  As I discuss in my book “Financial Planning Made Personal”, I started saving in 1998 for my kids’ education, four years before my older son was …

Medicare and Managing Health Care Costs in Retirement

Health care costs in retirement aren’t going anywhere. Naturally, as our bodies get older, it costs more to keep them running. And with U.S. health care spending expected to rise at a rate 1.1% faster than the annual GDP, this cost will come home to our pockets. Statistics like this m …

Estate Planning: Easing The Burden For Your Loved Ones

Estate planning is a crucial task in our financial lives that tends to drain us emotionally and take a backseat in our busy lives.  This type of planning is sometimes confused as something that only the wealthy or the elderly need to think about and the reality is it is a process that every …

Why Estate Planning Matters for Everyone

Estate planning may feel like something you don’t have to worry about quite yet. The truth is that ample planning now can make everything easier for your loved ones when the time comes to put an estate plan into action. 

Investing for Retirement Outside of Stocks with Yahoo Finance

Stocks aren’t the only way you can invest your retirement savings, at a time when it’s safer to be as diversified as possible. As part of Yahoo Finance Live’s Retirement Readiness series, Mitlin Financial Inc. Founder and Wealth Advisor Lawrence Sprung, CFP®, who is also t …

Should I get my college student a credit card?

As college students head to campus, many will face the lure of credit cards for the first time. Credit cards are not a problem, but uneducated spending with them can be an issue. If you’d like to help your kids understand money, check out this interview with our founder and wealth adv …

Life Goals: Understanding Life Insurance and How it Fits in Your Finances

Watch our webinar, “Life Goals: Understanding Life Insurance and How It Fits in Your Finances” with Carson Group’s Vice President, Insurance Matt Lewis, now available on-demand. 

Life Insurance: Protection or Financial Plan

As bloggers, financial coaches, “influencers” and TikTok’ers have taken to the internet trying to convince investors that buying life insurance is financial planning, it has become more and more confusing for the average person to understand.  Buying life insurance alone is NOT comprehensiv …

7 Economic Myths Busted

By Ryan Detrick, Chief Market Strategist We’ve been hearing many of the same myths over and over, yet we don’t think they are the big worry that the media and many make them out to be. These are legitimate concerns and have many investors worried, but we think the chances of them becoming l …

Which Type of Life Insurance is Right for Me?

With so many different types of life insurance, finding the most suitable policy takes careful consideration. We’ll help you find the best possible solution, but before you meet with an advisor, having a basic understanding of the different types of life insurance can help.

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