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For our founder and wealth advisor, Larry, it’s always been about developing a deeply rooted partnership that extends beyond building a portfolio or selling strategies. Instead, we touch on every single aspect of a client’s financial life. Today, we’re proud to continue empowering the same clients who joined us when we started, the children of our cherished clients and anyone who believe in the power of family focused, independent financial advice.

At Mitlin Financial, Inc., we’re here to be your lifelong financial partner, CFO, advocate and friend. Working side-by-side to keep you comfortable, well-educated and always in the loop about your unique financial situation.

An Educator

Financial literacy doesn’t come naturally to most, and it certainly isn’t taught in school.

 That’s why we take the time to keep you aware of your options, knowledgeable about your financial plan and alerted to impactful national or world events.

  • Your best interests come first. Always.
  • Customized financial planning
  • National resources to support your advisor 
  • Support when you need it most 
  • Pursue your definition of true wealth
  • Customized financial planning
  • Trusted advice from a trusted advisor
  • Plans built for your risk tolerance


We don’t pretend to know everything, and you should be wary of anyone who claims they do.

Instead, we’re happy to work as your personal CFO, coordinating between other trusted professionals including CPAs and attorneys.

  • Pursue your definition of true wealth
  • Customized financial planning
  • Trusted advice from a trusted advisor
  • Plans built for your risk tolerance


The financial services industry may not be the most progressive of its kind, but we’re dedicated to moving forward at the same speed as you are.

When you come through our doors, we never assume which spouse earns more, and we don’t make judgments based on your relationship status, appearance or financial situation.

  • Advice in common language
  • Regular meetings with your advisor
  • We act as a teacher and a guide
  • Pursue your definition of true wealth
  • Customized financial planning
  • Trusted advice from a trusted advisor
  • Plans built for your risk tolerance


When you become a client of ours, our interests are immediately aligned with yours.

That means we only offer you the strategies, solutions or products we think will work in your best interest and toward your financial goals.

Hear what some of those we serve

are saying about us!

I have been a client of Mitlin Financial since 2011 and would highly recommend their services. Larry and his team deliver truly professional financial planning services and put their clients’ interests first. I did not really understand the role of a fiduciary until I worked with Larry. He works with integrity and provides sound financial advice and guidance. Mitlin has assisted me with some complex financial issues, and I have been more than happy with the results. So much so that I have entrusted Larry to guide all three of my kids as they enter their careers & life in their 20s. Larry is a pleasure to deal with and I have no hesitation in recommending Mitlin’s services with complete trust.

via Larry Sprung's LinkedIn by John C

Larry is one of the most supportive people I know. Although I’m sure he is busy running a family and a business, he is always available for questions and explanations. Larry and team make me feel like I’m their only client and apply their vast knowledge and experiences in a very personalized way. I recently went through a major financial milestone and Larry was with me every step of the way – ranging from keen financial advice all the way to filling out paperwork to help me with the administration. In those situations, every little bit helps and I would not have made it through with my sanity without Larry and Mitlin Financial.

via Larry Sprung's LinkedIn by Justine M

Hard-working, dedicated, kind, responsive. I’ve never felt so good about my retirement potential and it feels wonderfully secure to have Mitlin at my back.

via Google by Beth N.

CWM, LLC and/or the financial professional received the testimonial(s) appearing herein from a verified client. The testimonial(s) reflect the real-life experiences of individuals who used our services. However, CWM, LLC and the financial professional does not claim, nor should the reader assume, that any individual experience recounted is typical or representative of what any other client might experience. The testimonial(s) displayed includes the original wording of the writer, except for grammatical, spelling and typing edits. All reviews and testimonials are reviewed for authenticity prior to use.

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    [post_content] => As investors, we would all like to effortlessly beat the markets, buying and selling investments based on brilliant timing, instinct and a little luck. But most of us realize it’s not that easy.

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What Should I Look for When Choosing a Financial Advisor?

When it comes to finances, many people want to do it themselves.

When it comes to finances, many people want to do it themselves. Some people think that they can do the work as well as an advisor, or think they cannot justify paying a fee for the services provided by that financial professional. In other words, they don’t think the value they would receive is worth the cost.

Do you handle your own finances? Have you wondered what you could gain by working with a financial professional?

Many people consider working with an advisor when their finances have reached a certain point of complexity – they want someone else to step in to evaluate their situation and weigh in on what’s next. Maybe you started your 401(k) through work, then started investing on your own, outside of your employer-sponsored plan. Now you’re thinking about preparing for your next big steps – retirement, paying for your children’s education, a major purchase.

You have saved your hard-earned money, you have invested it, and now it is time to pursue your dreams with the help of a professional. Many people do not have a clue how to start this process or what questions they should be asking when it comes time to sitting down with an advisor/planner.

There are thousands of different financial institutions across the country that work with individuals, families and businesses. Each firm has multiple advisors/planners within those offices. Do you see where I am going? There are a ton of options out there. The process can be overwhelming, especially if this is the first time you are seeking financial advice.

This blog is designed to help you understand what you should be looking for when finding the right fit for you and your individual situation. What should you be asking an advisor when you establish the relationship?

1. Are you a Fiduciary?

A fiduciary is anyone who has a legal responsibility to put the client’s interest ahead of their own. In layman’s terms: The advisor has to do what is best for the client, rather than what is best for themselves. So, for example, the advisor cannot put you in the most expensive product to generate a higher commission for themselves.

An important note: Not all financial advisors are fiduciaries. This does not mean that advisors who do not have a fiduciary responsibility are not acting in your best interest, but rather that those who are fiduciaries are held to the highest standards.

2. What are your fees?

This seems to be a pretty straightforward question, but some people will forget to ask it before they start working with someone. You wouldn’t buy a car without knowing the price, so why do that with your investments? There are a variety of prices associated with a vehicle that depend on the model, class size, condition, etc. The same goes with investment products and services. A smart consumer is an informed consumer!

3. What services are provided within your fee?

Everyone wants to get more “bang for their buck.” So make sure you understand what is included with the fee you’re quoted. After speaking with an advisor, you should know the answer to these four fee-based questions:

  • Is that strictly asset management?
  • Does that include a comprehensive financial plan?
  • Does this give me access to tax services?
  • Will I be able to speak to a trust service representative?

Many firms include these offerings within their fee structure; if so, make sure you take advantage of them. Other firms offer an a la carte menu – you will pay for any additional services on top of your asset management fee.

4. Who are my contacts within your firm?

I know this seems like an odd question, but it is an important one to ask. Why? Because as I just mentioned, the firm might provide a variety of services, and it is good to know who to reach when you have a question regarding different topics. Most advisors/planners have a team of individuals surrounding them to help accomplish the tasks at hand. Having access to multiple individuals may get you the answer you are looking for more quickly.

5. How will we communicate?

Much like you want to know who to reach out to when you have a question regarding separate topics, it is also important to know who is going to contact you through the planning process. It’s also important to know how long each process is going to take, when you will receive follow-up information and how the firm communicates. People receive hundreds of junk emails a day and random phone calls. To maintain the most effective relationship, it is good to know how exactly we should be communicating.

Helping individuals, families, and businesses is one of the many things that we do here at Carson Wealth. If you are thinking about getting help from a financial professional or just want a second set of eyes on your existing portfolio, please reach out to schedule a complimentary informative meeting. For more information or to see how we work to process your investment strategy please take a look at this free guide.

Why Mitlin?

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Investment Process: The Importance of Process in Your Investment Strategy

Investment Process

As investors, we would all like to effortlessly beat the markets, buying and selling investments based on brilliant timing, instinct and a little luck. But most of us realize it’s not that easy.

Download Guide