Facts vs Feelings: Finding Joy with Larry Sprung

It’s impossible to encounter the question “What did you do today that brought you joy?®” without Larry Sprung immediately coming to mind.

We hope you enJOY episode 38 of Facts vs Feeling hosted by Ryan Detrick, Chief Market Strategist, and Sonu Varghese, VP Global Macro Strategist, of Carson Investment Research team as they have a captivating conversation with Larry Sprung.


During this chat they delve into topics such as Mitlin’s partnership with Carson Group, the excitement of release of Larry’s book ‘Financial Planning Made Personal‘ and a multitude of other fascinating subjects.

Larry’s presence and his ability to evoke JOY are truly unparalleled. The dynamic exchange with him on episode 38 reminds us of the power of authentic connection and the happiness it can bring.


Facts vs Feelings can be found on most major podcast platforms. Search it out on your favorite platform to listen and subscribe!

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