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Life doesn’t always go according to plan. Many of us embark on a journey with a clear vision of what we want to become, only to discover that destiny has other plans in store for us. Such was the case for me when my dreams of becoming a professional athlete were not realized. However, little did I know that this redirection would lead me to a fulfilling and purpose-driven career as a financial planner for former college athletes.

For as long as I can remember my dream was to be a professional athlete. It was what I truly thought I was going to do with my life. So much so that when people would ask me what I wanted to be, I’d tell them I wanted to have a hall-of-fame career and then go into business like Magic Johnson. However, as life would have it, Destiny had other plans for me

As a young kid, I was fixated with sports. I loved playing basketball, football, and baseball. However, due to the cost restraints, my parents did not have the means to put me into organized sports. This did not stop my love or drive whatsoever. I really did not get to play organized sports until I was able to play on school teams since they were free. By this time, I was strong and athletic but I had one issue, I was what coaches called undersized. I would get looked over despite my abilities, which put a chip on my shoulder. I made a vow to myself that no one would ever outwork me and I still follow it today. I possessed an unwavering passion for sports. The thrill of competition, the camaraderie, and the desire to excel were the driving forces of my life. I dedicated countless hours to training, pushing my limits, and pursuing my dream of becoming a professional athlete.

When I got to college at West Virginia University, I had the chance to prove my worth again. I became a walk-on for a D1 football program. However, as time went on harsh realities of the highly competitive sports industry began to set in, and my dream seemed to fade away. Though initially disheartened by the realization that my athletic dreams may not come true, I truly believed that adversity often leads to new opportunities. I sought solace in knowing that my passion for sports could still play a role in my life, just in a different capacity. With this mindset, while in school I discovered financial planning and I fell in love with the ability to help people create the lives of their dreams.

As I delved deeper into the financial planning field, I recognized the immense potential to serve a group of individuals who shared a similar background: former college athletes. These individuals possessed unique needs and circumstances that required specialized attention. Many athletes, having dedicated their lives to their sport, often lacked the necessary financial literacy and guidance to navigate their post-athletic lives successfully.

Becoming a financial planner for former college athletes allowed me to bridge the gap between their athletic careers and their financial futures. I understood the unique challenges they faced, adjusting to life after sports, managing newfound wealth or financial setbacks, and planning for the long term. My mission became clear: To help former college athletes turn their winning mindset into financial freedom.

While not achieving my dream of becoming a professional athlete was initially a disappointment, it ultimately paved the way for a fulfilling career in financial planning. My journey from aspiring athlete to serving as a financial planner for former college athletes has given me a sense of purpose, allowing me to make a meaningful difference in the lives of others. It serves as a reminder that our destinies often unfold in unexpected ways, offering us the opportunity to embrace new paths and find fulfillment in serving others along the way.

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