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How to Travel the World for Less: Tips from Lee Huffman #192

July 3, 2024 | Episode #192

Meet the Guest

Lee Huffman

Lee Huffman is the writer behind Bald Thoughts and host of the We Travel There podcast.

Lee loves to write about the latest trends in travel, credit card rewards, and personal finance. It's a passion of is to educate people on how to "win" at the rewards game and achieve financial independence.

Show Notes

Do you want to travel more but spend less?

Join Larry as he sits down with Lee Huffman, the mastermind behind BaldThoughts and host of the We Travel There podcast! Lee shares his top travel tips from how to maximize travel rewards to advice for aspiring content creators.

Follow along to learn how Lee transitioned from corporate finance to becoming a travel hacking expert and discover the secrets behind stretching your travel dollars further than you’ve ever imagined.


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How to Travel the World for Less: Tips from Lee Huffman #192

Meet the Host

Larry Sprung

Founder & Wealth Advisor


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