Reading with Your Kids, Episode #101

Jed Doherty is a former licensed social worker who is known around the world as Jedlie. He’s brought a magical message of caring and community to millions of hearts through on-stage performances at schools, libraries, and churches throughout the US. In 2017, Jedly launched the “Reading with …

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IRS Phone Scam, Episode #94

Kristofer Healey is the owner and CEO of The Secure Entrepreneur. He founded the company to help business owners improve their fiscal health by changing their habits to eliminate risk and reduce exposure to fraud. But before becoming an entrepreneur he was a Special Agent with the Departmen …

CocoVinny, Episode #93

CocoVinny Alvidar is an inventor, zero-waste educator, and CEO of CocoTaps. After founding a variety of business ventures over the past 20 years, CocoVinny will spend the rest of his career as The Chief Coconut-In-Charge at It all started after Vinny broke one of his Dad’s exp …

The Yum Yum Foodie, Episode #92

Eddie Zamora is the founder and owner of “The Yum Yum Foodie,” host of the “Kill the Bottle” podcast, and TV Judge on “Dinner Takes All.” Dinner Takes All was produced by Keller/Noll, the creators of the Food Network shows, “Chopped” and “Chopped Junior.” David Noll was also our guest on ep …

Booky Call with Brant Menswar, Episode #91

Brant Menswar is the CEO and Founder of Booky Call, a best-selling author, and speaker. Brant is a retired rockstar with 20 years of experience in entertainment who doubles as a book marketing genius. He was named one of the country’s “Top 10″ motivational speakers. His books and Top …

How to Podcast with Carey Green, Episode #90

After being a pastor for 20+ years Carey Green retired in 2013—but he still had to provide for his family. He’d been podcasting himself for a few years and recognized the needs podcasters have for audio production and show notes services, so he decided to give it a try. That’s how Pod …

Life After the NHL with Cody Bass, Episode #89

Cody Bass is a Pro Scout for the Colorado Avalanche and owner of Recurve Real Estate. Cody played 13 years of professional hockey, and officially retired from the sport in 2019. He continues to stay connected as a scout by evaluating talent and potential fits for the team. Cody was drawn to …

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