Boosting Your Confidence: Unleash Your Inner Power, Episode #168

Emily Jaenson is a keynote speaker, podcast host, author, and co-founder of the Assist Group. Emily has been called a next-level motivator and inspirational leader. She lives up to her motto, “Be so good they won’t forget you!” Emily grew up in a small town with amazing parents but wanted m …

The Digital Debrief with Samantha Allen, Episode #167

Samantha Allen—the Senior Vice President of Digital Marketing at Carson Group—is a rockstar when it comes to digital marketing. She was recently recognized by as a rising star. She is part of our team at Carson Group and leads the integrated channel team. That means she …

Perfectly Hidden Depression with Dr. Margaret Rutherford, Episode #166

Dr. Margaret Robinson Rutherford is a clinical psychologist with thirty years of experience, an author, a TEDx speaker, and a podcast host. Dr. Margaret is known for her vibrantly engaging and theoretically well-crafted presentations. Her passionate message is that healthy mental and emotio …

Endeavor Retirement with Bonnie Treichel, Episode #164

Bonnie Treichel is a nationally recognized retirement plan expert, speaker, and the Founder and Chief Solutions Officer of Endeavor Retirement, a consulting firm dedicated to solving problems for plan sponsors, advisors, and service providers in the retirement plan industry. Bonnie wanted a …

Food Forest Abundance with Jim Gale, Episode #163

When Jim Gale was 19, his college wrestling coach asked everyone to write down their goals. Jim wrote down his goals based on what he’d learned from Dennis Waitley in his book, “The Psychology of Winning: Ten Qualities of a Total Winner.” Jim wanted to be a three-time All-American wrestler …

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