“This Is Not Financial Advice” with Josh Brown, Episode #180

Josh Brown is the co-founder and CEO of Ritholtz Wealth Management. Before that, he was a stockbroker. As a stockbroker, he learned how to sell, how to handle rejection, and everything not to do with your money. When he realized that everything he’d done in his 10 years as a stockbroker was …

Healing Ice: Dan Carcillo’s Journey from the NHL to Advocate, Episode #179

Daniel Carcillo, known as “Car Bomb” during his professional ice hockey career, is a former NHL player turned mental health advocate and entrepreneur. Carcillo’s journey has taken him from the rink to a powerful voice for mental health awareness and player safety. Dan’s ho …

Unraveling the Threads of Success with John’s Crazy Socks, Episode #177

How did John’s Crazy Socks come to be? In 2016, John Cronin was attending his last year of high school. Like every high school senior, he was trying to figure out what came next. John is a natural entrepreneur. He wanted to start a business with his dad. But what were they going to do? …

Afford Anything with Paula Pant, Episode #176

Paula Pant graduated college having no idea that self-employment and entrepreneurship were an option. She got a job as a newspaper reporter for a small paper in Colorado. She started going to journalism conferences that covered print, radio, television, and freelancing. She dipped into some …

Deviate – Off-Track on Purpose with Ryan Blanck, Episode #175

Ryan is the Founder and CEO of Deviate. He’s an expert facilitator with a gift for bringing out the best in people. Currently, he is the performance coach for high-capacity leaders around the world. He and his team have helped organizations rebound from turmoil, scale start-ups, and build c …

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