Failing Forward with Diego Vetencourt, Episode #151

Diego Vetencourt is a political refugee from Venezuela turned entrepreneur through marketing. After being detained by the communist party in 2016, he was able to come to the States under refugee status where he started as an Uber driver. By 28, he had failed multiple businesses such as an E …

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SMB Law Group with Kevin Henderson, Episode #150

Kevin Henderson is the co-founding partner of SMB Law Group and the SMB Center. He’s also the host of the Mundane Millionaires podcast. Kevin is a seasoned corporate lawyer with over a decade of M&A, venture capital, and public capital markets experience. In 2022, Kevin and his partners …

This Is My Brave with Jennifer Marshall, Episode #149

Jennifer Marshall is the founder of “This Is My Brave,” the leading platform for individuals to share their stories of overcoming mental illness through creative expression. Jennifer formed the organization after experiencing a positive outpouring of support following the publication of her …

Gen Z Creator Morgan Young, Episode #148

Morgan Young is a 20-year-old Content Creator, Public Speaker, Venture Fellow, and Computer Science & Engineering and Entrepreneurship student. In addition to those roles, she is a self-development addict, health nut, co-founder of the budding UNR figure-skating team, and an aspiring en …

The Poet’s Keys with Tucker Bryant, Episode #147

Tucker Bryant is a nationally renowned poet and keynote speaker. He spent a decade between Stanford and Google and learned something striking: Even people on the cutting edge of innovation struggle to take risks. We all want to step out of our comfort zones, but our instinct to protect that …

Bubbly Sesh Podcast with Jacklyn Collier, Episode #146

Jacklyn Collier is the co-founder and CEO of the Bundle Game, an actress, and a podcaster. Jacklyn grew up in an athletically inclined family but couldn’t manage to make the starting lineup of the basketball team that her parents coached. They encouraged her to find other interests, so she …

She Podcasts with Elsie Escobar, Episode #145

Elsie Escobar is a die-hard podcast junkie who lives, breathes, and works the medium (and has since 2006). Elsie was one of the first podcasters to use audio to teach yoga. Her yoga class has now been downloaded over 4 million times. Elsie is also the Director of Community and Content at Li …

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