Find Your Freedom, Episode #100

Ron Carson is not only the Founder and CEO of The Carson Group—but he was also the first guest on the Mitlin Money Mindset™! Ron has a tenacious focus on serving clients’ best interests, a relentless pursuit of excellence across every activity, and a burning desire to learn, grow intellectu …

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The Bridge Between Suicide & Life, Episode #99

Sergeant Kevin Briggs is the founder and CEO of Pivotal Points. Kevin is a retired highway patrol sergeant who spent many years patrolling the Golden Gate bridge. He encountered numerous individuals clinging to life by a thread. These individuals had lost hope and couldn’t see a way out of …

Finding A Reason To Live, Episode #98

Finding A Reason To Live, Episode #98 Kevin Berthia is a suicide survivor and prevention advocate who was born with a genetic depression disorder. At age 22, he attempted to take his life by jumping from the golden gate bridge. It wasn’t until 8 years later at the American Foundation for Su …

P.S. I Love You, Episode #97

Today’s guests are Brooke and Jaimie DiPalma, Co-Founders and Directors of P.S. I Love You Day. They created P.S. I Love You Day after they lost their father to suicide. Brooke recalls her father saying, “I love you” the day he died, to which she responded “I love you” back. With the help o …

Rockett Pedal, Episode #96

Chris Van Tassel is the co-founder of J. Rockett Audio Designs. Chris and Jay Rockett created their business to provide the best guitar effects for players worldwide. They are both long-time session musicians with decades of experience in the recording industry. After years of being dissati …

Master Connector, Episode #95

Nkrumah Pierre is the Managing Director of Business Development and head of the Friends of the Firm program at EisnerAmper. After he joined in 2017, he continued to build on the success of the current program by training and leveraging high-potential management groups and the partner group …

IRS Phone Scam, Episode #94

Kristofer Healey is the owner and CEO of The Secure Entrepreneur. He founded the company to help business owners improve their fiscal health by changing their habits to eliminate risk and reduce exposure to fraud. But before becoming an entrepreneur he was a Special Agent with the Departmen …

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