Bubbly Sesh Podcast with Jacklyn Collier, Episode #146

Jacklyn Collier is the co-founder and CEO of the Bundle Game, an actress, and a podcaster. Jacklyn grew up in an athletically inclined family but couldn’t manage to make the starting lineup of the basketball team that her parents coached.

They encouraged her to find other interests, so she channeled her creative energy into acting. She has appeared in regional theater, off-broadway, and in TV and film. Jacklyn, aka “Jacks” in the Christmas movie world, Jacklyn appeared in the CBS Christmas movie, “Fit for Christmas,” played the best friend in “The Engagement Plot,” and was in Hallmark Channel’s “Love, Fall & Order.”

She had the opportunity to showcase her talents as the producer and co-host of Hallmark Channels’ official podcast, “The Bubbly Sesh,” and is often a guest on podcasts in the rom-com world.

She is also the co-founder of a custom board game company called “Bundle” which she started with her sister. In this episode of Mitlin Money Mindset®, Jacklyn shares her passion for creativity and how she’s used it to create opportunity.

You will want to hear this episode if you are interested in…

  • Learn more about Jacklyn Collier [3:16]
  • The origin of the Bubbly Sesh podcast [6:34]
  • Jacklyn’s advice for getting a meeting [10:55]
  • How Jacklyn’s board game came to be [16:10]
  • How to turn your book into a movie [21:42]
  • Why building a community matters [26:40]
  • What’s next for Jacklyn Collier? [31:36]
  • What Jacklyn did today that brought her joy [33:11]

The origin of the Bubbly Sesh podcast

When Jacklyn first started acting, she realized that it would be important to create her own content. So she started a podcast with one of her friends all about Hallmark movies: Bubbly Sesh. It started as something fun. But they realized that they could make it something special. They wanted to make a bigger impact.

So they pitched the CEO of Hallmark their idea. Within a month, they became part of the Hallmark family and started podcasting for Hallmark. As fan-girls, it was a dream job. They had access to everyone they wanted to talk to.

Jacklyn had always been interested in this world, so getting to act in a Hallmark movie was an out-of-body experience. She was also able to podcast on set and craft a story for the movie(s) she acted in. The experience has allowed her to build incredible friendships.

How Jacklyn’s board game came to be

Jacklyn and her sister were creative and always made up games as children. One 4th of July, while at a party, someone said “What if you guys made games and got them manufactured?” So they started making their games by hand. They sold 30 of them to friends and family to get proof of concept.

After that, they ran a Kickstarter campaign and raised $13,000 to do a production run of the games. And when Jacklyn started working for Hallmark, they pitched a “Countdown to Christmas” game to the CEO of Hallmark. That year, Jacklyn’s game and the Hallmark-themed Monopoly game sold out.

How to turn your book into a movie

Movies are written in a specific way following a specific structure. If you want your book to become a screenplay, Jacklyn recommends that you reach out to writers in the space, send them your book, and ask if they’d be interested in adapting it into a screenplay. You can also reach out to many made-for-TV movie writers (or their agents) and they will consult with you about your script (for a small fee).

You can also reach out to actors who might be a fit for the characters and say something like, “If my book was turned into a movie, I would picture you as the lead.” Doing so can get you buy-in from the actors. They might bring it to their connections. It’s an unorthodox way to get your foot in the door.

Jacklyn made an Instagram post sharing a headshot captioned “Cast me in your next Christmas movie.” A woman Jacklyn had previously worked with saw her post and asked her to read a script for her book. Jacklyn loved it. She brought it to a Director/Producer and they’re trying to move forward with getting it made.

Listen to the whole episode to learn more about building a community (and why it matters) and other tips and strategies from actress and creator Jacklyn Collier.

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Jacklyn Collier is an actor, podcaster, board game maker, and cat mom. She loves escape rooms, magic, and living in New York City. Jacklyn Collier grew up in the coal region of Pennsylvania and currently lives in New York City. She has her MFA in Acting, is a member of AEA and SAG-AFTRA, and is an acting coach. She has appeared in regional theatre, off-broadway, in tv and film. Jacklyn is the co-founder of s custom board game company called Bundle that she started with her sister. Jacklyn, aka as Jacks in the Christmas movie world, was a producer and co-host of Hallmark Channels’ official podcast, The Bubbly Sesh, for two years and currently guests on podcasts in the rom com world. Jacklyn appeared in the CBS Christmas movie, Fit for Christmas, played the best friend in The Engagement Plot, and was in Hallmark Channel’s Love, Fall & Order.

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