Dream Big


When I hear the words “Dream Big” I cannot help to think of Walt Disney.

Talk about dreaming big, he turned swampland into a destination that everyone knows of and most try to see.  Walt would not have been able to do it without the help of his brother Roy who was the one responsible for finding the money to make the vision happen.  Together they made one of the most well-known destinations in the world.

When we are kids we are taught to dream and use our imagination.  Remember the days of simply laying on the front lawn, looking at the sky, and thinking what we will be later in life, what we could do, who we could be, I do.  As we get older we tend to lose that imagination and ability to think and dream big, not because we want to or have to but we get preoccupied with life and all of our responsibilities.

A Blank Slate

Our future, retirement, lives are things that we should be starting to put a plan together for as early as possible.  We suggest using a blank slate and forgetting everything you think it should be or others’ want you to be and remove all the preconceived notions you may have about it.  Take some time, look at the sky, and dream big.  Set a few BHAG’s (Big Hairy Audacious Goals) that you would love to achieve and write them down, let them marinate, and then start working on a game plan to achieve them. As the great Yogi Berra said, “If you don’t know where you are going, you’ll end up someplace else.”.

It is Never Too Late

It always amazes us what people can and have the ability to do and that includes you.  Channel your inner Walt and start to “Dream Big”, as it is never too late to do amazing things, and do not be discouraged if you have not started yet.  Just take a look at the number of people that were not successful before the age of 40, here is a shortlist that may amaze you.  These are some great stories of amazing people that did unbelievable things later in life.

Whether you are starting early and dreaming big or simply getting started later in life, we are here to help.  We look forward to discussing your big dreams and how we may help you make them happen.

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