Gen Z Creator Morgan Young, Episode #148

Morgan Young is a 20-year-old Content Creator, Public Speaker, Venture Fellow, and Computer Science & Engineering and Entrepreneurship student. In addition to those roles, she is a self-development addict, health nut, co-founder of the budding UNR figure-skating team, and an aspiring entrepreneur.

Morgan discovered a passion for technology at the age of nine while taking her first robotics class. Morgan is also passionate about helping others. She’s found that she enjoys being the bridge between people and the technology they use. Her mission in life is to make people’s lives easier by leveraging technology.

She’s actively working on building a community and is partnering with brands to bring amazing experiences and resources to her audience. She teaches students and colleagues how to leverage LinkedIn for job searches, build personal brands, and create content that covers everything from college tips to Gen Z in the workforce.

Listen in for some great takeaways about how Morgan uses her platform to spend as much time focusing on technology and people.

You will want to hear this episode if you are interested in…

  • Learn more about Morgan Young and her passions [4:00]
  • Morgan’s reflections on the college selection process [5:46]
  • Understanding the financial implications of attending college [13:51]
  • Morgan’s tips for families navigating the college planning process [17:17]
  • How Morgan crafted a space as a Content Creator [22:38]
  • Morgan’s tips to grow your LinkedIn presence [25:55]
  • How Morgan secured opportunities with iconic brands [30:37]
  • Morgan’s experience in New York City [35:02]
  • What Morgan did today that put her in the mindset for success [36:35]

Morgan’s reflections on the college selection process

Morgan started looking at potential colleges in seventh grade after getting an almanac at a used book sale that included every college in the United States. She was primarily looking at University of California schools. It made sense as a California resident.

Her grandfather had always dreamed that one of his grandchildren would go to Stanford. After Morgan visited in 10th grade, she loved the school, so she applied. But she didn’t have the stats to get in, despite being in the top 1% of her high school.

She’d also applied to four Ivy League schools, four UC schools, and the University of Washington. As she researched, she learned about Western Undergrad Exchange (WUE). WUE is a tuition savings program that allows students to go anywhere on the Western Seaboard and get great merit-based financial aid.

She was accepted into UC Santa Barbara and San Diego. But, ultimately, she chose to go to the University of Nevada in Reno (UNR) so she could pursue the degree she wanted. UNR also offered a scholarship and was able to get in-state tuition. There’s nowhere else Morgan would rather have spent the last three years of her life.

Morgan’s tips for families navigating the college planning process

Morgan’s first tip is an important one: If your high school allows it, take college classes in high school instead of AP classes. In most states, you can take two years of community college classes for free. Many AP classes won’t transfer between states. You’ll not only save a lot of money but gain the necessary experience to prepare for the transition to college.

Secondly, allow yourself to think outside of the box. Don’t just focus on schools that are close or offer in-state tuition. You also want to look at your options for financial aid. If you don’t qualify for financial-based aid, you can focus on merit-based scholarships.

Lastly, she recommends dedicating time to finding niche scholarships and applying for them. Morgan wrote over 63 scholarship essays and has won over $30,000 in third-party scholarships from a local association of realtors, her swim team, and many others.

How Morgan crafted a space as a Content Creator

Morgan came from a non-target school and landed a Fortune 100 internship right after her freshman year. It was unheard of. So she decided to document the process on LinkedIn to stay accountable (and update family and friends). She wrote a piece about having a one-on-one conversation with the CIO at Walt Disney. That’s how it all started.

By the end of the summer, she received hundreds of thousands of views on what she shared. She became a LinkedIn content creator and ran with it. In 2022, she decided to put effort into becoming a full-fledged content creator. She grew her following by 667% and was featured in LinkedIn News over 28 times.

How to grow your LinkedIn presence

Morgan compiled some amazing tips listeners can use to grow their presence on LinkedIn:

  • Pick one thing: Morgan’s “one thing” started as writing about her day-to-day experience as a Disney intern. Content creation was simple with no strategy. It made it easy to start.
  • Just start: When you start, your content won’t be good. LinkedIn content creation is a whole different ballgame. But you’ll get better as you continue. The more you do it, the better you’ll get.
  • Write often, frequently, and consistently: Morgan writes an average of 10,000 words a week (using Grammarly). The LinkedIn algorithm will reward you for being consistent. Find a pace you can sustain and stick to it.
  • LinkedIn is about community and conversations: Create content, share it, and engage with your community. When people comment, react and respond immediately. Engage with posts that you think are interesting.
  • Don’t be afraid of being controversial: You’re allowed to be conversation provoking. Take a stand on something. It’s all about starting conversations.

Listen to the whole episode to learn more about navigating the world of LinkedIn from the experience of an awe-inspiring Gen Z’er.

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Morgan Young is a 20-year-old, Gen Z Content Creator, Speaker, and Technologist with an audience on LinkedIn of 11k+ and 3M+ content views. She is also a 4x ex-Disney Intern (Product Management, Enterprise Technology), a student studying Computer Science & Engineering with minors in Math & Entrepreneurship, at the University of Nevada, and a member of the LinkedIn for Creators program.

She is passionate about diversity, equity, inclusion, belonging, and representation in the technology, venture capital/startup, and creator spaces. Currently, she’s engaging these initiatives as an advisor for NetworkHer (a womxn-founded NPO), a Strategic Advisor for a womxn-founded startup, and a Venture Fellow/Scout with Soma Capital & GenZScouts, focusing on underrepresented founders i.e. women, LGBTQ+, first-generation, etc.

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