Spirits & Grub with Thomas Francis, Episode #26

Today’s guest on Mitlin Money Mindset™ is Thomas Francis, the owner of The Long Island Airstream Experience. In 2016, he started with the Long Island Cigar and Bourbon Experience, which grew rapidly. Thomas soon added the Long Island Wine and Cheese Experience and the Long Island Beer and Burger Experience. Not only does he bring the food and drink, but he also brings the servers, bartenders, and cooks. His team will bring everything needed for you and your guests to have a great time while remaining safe. Thomas has taken advantage of people wanting to purchase great experiences rather than stuff and turned it into an excellent business. Check out the episode to hear more about what Thomas Francis and The Long Island Airstream Experience have to offer.

You will want to hear this episode if you are interested in…

  • Thomas’ background and the path to this business [1:43]
  • The options Long Island Airstream Experience offers [3:52]
  • Why did Thomas start with these 3 options? [5:52]
  • Do people do two experiences at the same time? [7:41]
  • Where is the demand, businesses or private parties? [8:42]
  • How does the rental work and what does it cost? [10:00]
  • Experience over stuff…good for business better for people [12:17]
  • The pandemic impact on Thomas’ business [14:15]
  • Thoughts on having a brick and mortar location [19:02]
  • What Thomas did today that put him in the right mindset for success? [20:25]


How Thomas Francis came up with The Long Island Airstream Experience

Thomas Francis has created a great business that provides unbelievable experiences for people. Thomas said he’s had about a decade in the hospitality, cigar, and spirits industries, and that he’s always loved cultivating experiences where they would come in and just wow people. Everything from big corporate events and trade shows to smaller things like weddings and personal parties. He’s always enjoyed that so back in 2016, Thomas went to a friend’s wedding and was asked to set up a table with cigars and spirits. He said halfway through he just started working the table, telling them what stick to have with which spirit, cutting and lighting cigars, pouring drinks, and giving tasting notes. He says he had a blast and so Thomas decided to create a small wedding business. That’s where Long Island Cuban Cigar and Bourbon Experience was born.

It started as just a table at a wedding that took guests through a real interactive experience. However, there would be some instances where it would rain and nobody could go outside and have a cigar. Thomas knew he needed something that would still work when the weather wasn’t great. That’s where he came up with the idea of having a mobile cigar and spirit lounge, his love of Airstreams just guided it in that direction.

Grown-ups just wanna have fun…at home!

The at-home party experience for adults is non-existent. You can hire a caterer and get a tent, but there are very few ways to throw a great party that’s memorable but not a ton of work for the host. Thomas wanted something where at the end of the day a host could wipe their hands and just walk into their house with nothing to do but relish in all the fun they and their guests had. That is exactly what he has geared his company towards. He has a personal love for a cigar and a bourbon. Thomas says that’s his Zen moment of tranquility. He’s really passionate about that and has a ton of knowledge, so it made sense to start with what he knew with the Long Island Cigar and Bourbon Experience.

Appealing to the ladies and branching out with experiences that everyone would love

Cigars and bourbon are great but there aren’t many women walking around smoking a cigar. Thomas wanted to branch out to offer something that would attract the female crowd. That’s why the Long Island Wine and Cheese Experience entered the scene! With the free time he had during the pandemic shut down Thomas built the Long Island Beer and Burger Experience because he knew when things opened back up he was going to need more to offer and something that appealed to both crowds! Thomas thinks his newest— and most outrageous— addition coming this year will be the best yet and another option that appeals to everyone, the Long Island Taco and Tequila Experience.

Connect with Thomas Francis and The Long Island Airstream Experience

Thomas Francis has been involved in the Hospitality, Cigar, and Spirits industry since 2010; in 2016, I attended my best friend’s wedding and wanted to go above and beyond for him. I decided that I would bring several boxes of cigars and a few bottles of select bourbon for his wedding gift. During the reception, I set up the table, and immediately, it was a hit. The guests LOVED having a special cigar and bourbon tasting station set up. Long Island Cuban Cigar and Bourbon Experience was born.

After a successful run with our table set up, we knew it was time to change the game; and change the game we did! We invested countless hours and money rehabbing a vintage 1972 Airstream trailer into the only experience that exists today: A mobile cigar and bourbon lounge!! This 25-foot trailer or 31-foot trailer can be placed anywhere, for the dream cigar and bourbon experience that no one else can deliver. Imagine you and 24 of your other friends, family, and associates enjoying an experience you can’t find elsewhere!

In late 2018, Long Island Cuban Cigar and Bourbon Experience was a smashing success. An incredible experience that was enjoyed by so many people, the mobile cigar and bourbon lounge was a huge hit. But it was time to change the game, and innovate again! EVERYONE loves the North Fork of Long Island, and the wine trail that exists there.

Now, Thomas Francis brings the wine trail right to your front door with Long Island Wine and Cheese Experience. The only Wine and Cheese bar that exists in the world, that houses a dozen different wines, along with six cheeses to pair with, all inside a vintage 1962 Airstream Overlander; your parties will never be the same!! Plus, don’t forget the entertainment: we come with tailgate games, wine painting, and music that rocks the house!

But we just don’t rest on our laurels here around; it was time to create our next mobile experience.

The craft beer industry is massive, and Long Island harbors some of the BEST breweries hands down! But man, is it rough getting to each spot for a proper brewery crawl. There are SO many good beers to try!! And the food trucks outside! Man, they deliver some tasty pub burgers when you are having a cold one! So we thought it was time to bring that experience to your front door!

Now, we bring the Long Island craft beer scene to your driveway with Long Island Beer and Burger Experience! The only Beer and Burger bar that exists in the world, that houses 8 different beers, along with delicious artisan burgers to pair with, all inside a rare and vintage 32ft Airstream Excella; your parties will never be the same!! Plus, don’t forget the entertainment: we come with tailgate games, dartboards, 6 TVs for all the sports and music that BANGS!

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