1940’s Brewing Company with Charles Becker, Episode #57

Today’s guest on the Mitlin Money Mindset™ is Charles Becker, founder of 1940s Brewing Company. After a 30+ year career in the nonprofit world with the March of Dimes, Charles started a nano brewery on Long Island and is committed to producing top-quality craft beer. Charles chose the name to pay homage to his father who graduated from the brewing academy in the year 1940. 1940’s Brewing Company is deeply rooted in tradition with a family legacy of brewing and dedication to quality beer. Founded in 2014, Charles has taken his brewery to the next level by creating brews that are mission-focused and help support mental health awareness and suicide prevention.

Charles is making his mark in the craft brewery industry by combining great brews and great causes. This combination allows him to differentiate himself and his brewery in a very crowded industry. Listen in and hear how Charles has created a win-win using great brews, giving back, and doing something he truly loves.

You will want to hear this episode if you are interested in…

  • Charles’ path to Founding the 1940’s Brewing Company [2:36]
  • What differentiates 1940’s brews from others? [6:14]
  • Has the explosion of craft breweries in recent years affected business? [8:48]
  • Is there still room for others or is it a crowded market? [13:13]
  • The story behind the beer Never Alone IPA? [14:59]
  • How Never Alone is supporting Mental Health Awareness and suicide prevention [20:16]
  • Is drinking locally important to breweries like 1940’s and others in NY State? [26:00]
  • What is the key to success in keeping the flavor lineup fresh and new? [29:47]
  • What are the next steps for the 1940’s Brewery? [32:18]
  • What Charles did today that put him in the right mindset for success [33:52]

What led Charles Becker to start a brewery?

Both Charles’ father and great grandfather were brewers by trade so it’s no surprise that Charles would have a passion for craft beer brewing. Charles started home brewing as a hobby after he retired. He’d been brewing for a number of years and was in a homebrew club when the opportunity came to be part of an alternating brewery proprietorship. An alternating proprietorship is an arrangement where two or more people take turns using the physical premises of a brewery. It was like an incubator for new breweries and it was right down the road from where he lived. He decided he didn’t want this to happen in his own backyard without him so he took a chance and went in and founded the company in 2014.

The story behind the Never Alone IPA

I found out about Charles and his brewery because of the IPA he has called Never Alone, which supports mental health awareness, a cause very close to me personally.

Charles said that it started when Orlando from 94.3 The SHARK (a local radio station) approached them to film the Choose Song music video at their location. The song and video featured vocalists Kevin Martin of Candlebox, Vinnie Dombroski of Sponge, Brendan B Brown of Wheatus, and touring drummer for One Direction, Josh Devine.

Before its release, Ashley Massaro, who was in the video, took her own life. After getting the ok from Ashley’s family the video was released and the Never Alone brew was born. The can sports a QR code that links to the song to remind people that with and through music they are never alone. Additionally, for every can sold a portion of the proceeds go towards mental health awareness and suicide prevention.

Drinking local is shopping local too!

I try to drink locally, whenever possible, wherever I go. At home, I look for the New York State brewer tag on the cans or bottles. I asked why drinking locally is so important to breweries like his and others in New York state? Charles said drinking locally doesn’t just support local businesses, it also supports the local economy.

You’re putting money back into the community. The whole idea of supporting local businesses is not just your mom and pop shops, it’s your local breweries that start off small. Many go into the brewing business because they have a passion for what they do; support them so they don’t disappear and end up on the Long Island History Facebook page!

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1940’s Brewing Company is deeply rooted in brewing tradition. Owner Charles Becker choose the name to pay homage to his father, who graduated brewing academy in the year 1940 before beginning his long career of brewing. With a family legacy of brewing and dedication to quality beer, 1940’s Brewing Company got its start in 2014.

Brewer Jon Brengel joined Charlie to perfect the brewery’s recipes and 1940’s hit its stride. Today you can visit the 1940’s brewing facility and tasting room on Lincoln Avenue in Holbrook New York to try a pint in our growing arsenal of delicious brews.


  • Founder/Co-Owner at 1940’s Brewing Company
  • October 2013 – Present
  • Former State Director of Operations at March of Dimes
  • 1980 – June 2009
  • College
  • Studied Accounting & Finance at Adelphi University
  • MS Class of 1981
  • Studied Accountancy at LIU Brooklyn Class of 1975

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