Dream With Dan, Episode #64

What are the dreams you have for life? Are they merely daydreams or are you doing something practical to change yourself so you’ll be able to accomplish them? On this episode, Dan Mangena joins us… he’s a motivational speaker, author, and coach at “Dream with Dan.” His experience in life is the resources he draws from to help others. Diagnosed with Aspergers syndrome at age 27, which is quite late, he experienced a life-shattering trauma that set his life in a new direction. He spent the next 7 years struggling to keep the situation from spilling into every area of his life. As he received the proper help and resources, he was able to build his “Beyond Intention Paradigm” which helped transform his life from one of misery to celebration. Listen to learn how Dan helps others change their lives by changing themselves.

You will want to hear this episode if you are interested in…

  • How Dan walked the path of struggle, discovery, growth, and celebration [2:34]
  • Dan received a late diagnosis of Aspergers: How he reacted to the news [7:26]
  • The Beyond Intention Paradigm (4 steps) [12:40]
  • What Dan understands about alignment [15:14]
  • Dan’s approach and who he is able to help most effectively [18:58]
  • A few success stories from Dan’s coaching [22:14]
  • The ideal life blueprint [29:50]
  • What Dan did today that brought him joy and put him in a success mindset [32:58]

Losing his first million, planning his suicide, finding a new paradigm

Dan’s experience is quite unusual. For one, he made his first million dollars by age 19. But for a number of reasons, including improperly setting up his business, he lost it all within a year. But his ability to build a successful business was evident, so he set up a consulting practice to share the knowledge he had. But in that scenario, he was taken advantage of by people he shouldn’t have trusted.

This series of failures destroyed him. The humiliation proved to him that he didn’t know everything and that so much of his identity was tied up in his successes that he didn’t have anything left when they were gone. This led to pondering his own suicide, but being afraid to attempt it because he believed he’d fail even at that. So he set off on a mission to find out what was wrong with his manifesting, so that he could successfully commit suicide. Listen to hear how this twisted exploration turned to hope for Dan, and how he used the experience to help others.

A late Ausberger’s diagnosis opened the door to a new life

As Dan was in the process of uncovering his own issues, he was fortunately diagnosed with Aspergers and he says it was his saving grace. The crippling anxiety and debilitating insomnia he’d battled his entire life came from the condition, but knowing the source of the struggle enabled him to get the right treatment, resources, support, and overall help that he needed to move forward. As a bonus, he was able to identify what his skills and superpowers were and learned to apply them to his life. Understanding his own mind and how it works has enabled him to systematize the experiences of his life and his learnings about them to help others better understand their own paths.

Dan’s “Beyond Intention Paradigm”

As Dan processed his own journey and studied the way that his own mind was managing and applying what he learned from it, he developed a paradigm through which he’s able to teach others about their own life, through four simple steps. He calls them the 4 steps of building intention and admits, it’s an ongoing work. Those four steps are: Accept, Clear, Gratitude, Listen.

Accept: Dan believes that when you recognize that you are the common denominator in every area and issue of your life, you will be able to change your life by changing yourself. This step is about accepting responsibility for everything in your life.

Clear: We are all consumed with the past (through hurts, bitterness, or even successes) or the future (through hopes, fears, aspirations, faith.) But Dan believes that the only truly “clear” time in our lives is right now. This step is about healing from the trauma of the past and letting go of expectations about the future so the present can be our main area of focus.

Gratitude: Dan emphasizes that we not only want to be thankful for things that are past, but we also want to get into a place of gratitude before things happen. When we do, we’re able to receive what comes in a better frame of mind that empowers us to meet the challenges ahead from a place of strength.

Listen: This step admits the reality that nobody, not even the strongest among us, is going to be positive and hopeful every day. Nobody is going to accomplish everything they desire every day. For this reason, it’s important to listen to your own thoughts and feelings so you can course-correct as you go.

This conversation is packed with many twists, turns, and insights that you’ll find extremely helpful. Be sure you listen!

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