FinCon with Philip Taylor, Episode #162

Philip Taylor is a CPA, writer, entrepreneur, and founder of FinCon. Philip—also known as “PT”—founded and launched FinCon in 2011. FinCon is an annual conference and trade show for content creators and brands in personal finance.

The conference caters to attendees as well as exhibits and sponsorships. Those who attend are primarily personal finance creators and brands. In less than 10 years, this event grew from nothing to almost 3,000 attendees and $1.6 million in revenue. I’m honored to attend this event and sit on a panel for the 2023 conference.

has been quoted and featured in multiple media outlets including The New York Times, The Washington Post, Forbes, Fox Business, and more. Listen in for some great takeaways about creating content, an abundance mindset, and being a successful entrepreneur.

You will want to hear this episode if you are interested in…

  • Learn more about Philip Tyler (PT) [2:31]
  • FinCon: “Where Money and Media Meet” [6:30]
  • Why FinCon has become a strong community [11:51]
  • The evolution of FinCon over the years [14:13]
  • How to get a copy of “Financial Planning Made Personal” [16:02]
  • Philip’s advice for content creators in the financial space [16:40]
  • The NerdWallet model of monetizing content [22:04]
  • Why an abundance mindset is important in tackling financial literacy [24:51]
  • Philips #1 tip to improve your golf game [28:23]
  • What Philip did today that put him in the right mindset for success [29:40]

Learn more about Philip Tyler (PT) and FinCon

Philip was in public accounting and corporate finance for 10 years. He started a side hustle, which was also a creative outlet: The blog led him to meet other creators in the space—bloggers, podcasters, and YouTubers.

In college, Philip was a drummer in a band but was also their lead promoter and marketer. He discovered that he had a passion for promotional marketing—and he was good at it. Little did he know he’d use those skills down the road.

Some of the best ideas in business come when a founder or entrepreneur needs something that isn’t available, so they create it. That’s what Philip did with FinCon. He created it because he wanted to gather with smart people in his industry. He was part of forums and groups that were all interested. So he raised his hand and said “I’ll throw the party!”

FinCon: “Where Money and Media Meet”

FinCon is a digital marketing event for the personal finance industry. Anyone who is creating content online—whether a financial writer at a bank or a podcaster—is brought together under one roof for four days a year. They’ve been doing it for 12 years now.

FinCon offers keynotes, sessions, masterminds, etc. to learn, share ideas, and form relationships. Brands—banks, brokerages, credit card companies, etc.—also attend the event. Solution providers, such as website hosts and podcast editing companies, also attend. The people who can help you monetize the content you’re creating are there.

Lastly, FinCon is a collection of people who are passionate about financial freedom and independence. They talk about what’s next in personal finance, investing opportunities, and much more. They strive to serve their audiences better.

Philip’s advice for content creators in the financial space

Firstly, dive in. Your voice is needed, especially on the topic of money. It’s still a small world and there’s plenty of room for expansion. But how do you get into it?

Start with something you’re doing, learning, or part of. What are you an expert in that people will find value from? Just because you think something is simple doesn’t mean it’s simple to everyone else. What would other people say is unique about you or what you do? Spend time discovering what that is.

What medium do you choose? Philip believes you should start with a podcast. It gets you safely in the ear of a consumer of content. Plus, many people are comfortable absorbing the information via audio. Podcasts are still the low-hanging fruit of content creation.

The NerdWallet model of monetizing content

NerdWallet writes articles about financial services, bank accounts, checking accounts, credit cards, life insurance products, etc. so people can compare them. Philip knows that many people are wary of promoting financial products they aren’t comfortable with. It’s a healthy reflex. But consumers want legitimate comparisons and opinions on what’s available to them.

Give yourself permission to compare several types of financial solutions and products. You don’t have to marry yourself to one particular advertiser. In that way, you create a marketplace of revenue. You don’t have to pick one lane for monetization and you’re giving consumers what you want: comparison. But you must add context and real opinion and do it appropriately.

Philip wants creators to think bigger and protect the consumer while giving them more choices. He shares more ways FinCon is creating community and helping each other grow their brands in this episode of Mitlin Money Mindset®!

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Philip Taylor is a CPA, writer, entrepreneur, and founder of FinCon. Philip has been quoted and featured in multiple media outlets including The New York Times, The Washington Post, Forbes, Fox Business, and more.

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