Grey Bandit with Courtney and Lindsey Glasser, Episode #53

Today’s guests on the Mitlin Money Mindset™ are Courtney and Lindsey Glasser, sisters and co-founders of Grey Bandit, an online clothing business and marketing powerhouse. Grey Bandit does not just promote clothing, but a lifestyle of wellness and positive vibes. Courtney and Lindsey understand that truly exuding beauty on the outside must come from a place of authentic confidence within. This confidence isn’t easy for many young women. Courtney, Lindsey, and others in their lives have grappled with anxiety and depression on some scale and through Grey Bandit are trying to break the stigma that usually accompanies mental illness. They are building a community that they wish was available for them in their previous times of struggle. Grey Bandit is not just a cute online clothing boutique, but also a medium to spread a deeper message and have a charitable component too. Make sure you pay attention to this conversation about a business that started as a college project and has surpassed $5 million in revenue in under four years.

You will want to hear this episode if you are interested in…

  • Courtney, Lindsey, and their path to Grey Bandit [2:30]
  • What is Grey Bandit? [9:07]
  • Not just about clothing [10:53]
  • Organizations that Grey Bandit supports with the Care Collection [13:43]
  • Running a company with your siblings [17:29]
  • How operating on the principles of Traction and EOS has helped growth [21:32]
  • How important have mentors been to these young entrepreneurs? [24:40]
  • Staying in their lane [29:24]
  • What are the next big steps for Grey Bandit? [33:54]
  • What Courtney & Lindsey did today to put themselves in the right mindset for success? [37:20]

The Glasser triplet’s path to Grey Bandit

Courtney, Lindsey, and Robert Glasser are triplets who grew up with constant exposure to entrepreneurship from both parents. As kids, they would go into their mom’s screen printing factory and help package orders, see what she was doing with her graphic designer, and go to events to sell clothing. They learned a lot of valuable skills and as high schoolers they were already pursuing their own entrepreneurial side hustles.

In college, Courtney and Lindsey were avid online shoppers. They were buying from Australian online boutiques because they weren’t able to find the on-trend pieces they wanted here in the US. So with unique skillsets—Lindsey’s vision, Courtney’s tech/marketing, and Robert’s warehouse operations—Grey Bandit was born from an idea for Courtney’s senior project and Grey Bandit is an online women’s clothing boutique with a mental health initiative that has seen major growth in its four short years in business.

Just like you

Lindsey and Courtney’s whole goal was to be as real and relatable as possible. When they were shopping online looking at smaller Instagram pages, a lot of what they saw was unattainable. It was high-end fashion, high-end models, it wasn’t realistic, and it wasn’t the way they wanted to go about doing business.

They wanted people to know anyone can wear their clothing. They want it to make them feel confident but know that it only enhances the beauty that they already have. Sharing their own stories about building this business, having mental health issues, and bringing that all together only amplifies the point of building this community. A community that they have always wanted and one built around being real and relatable. “We’re just like you” and just like you is actually one of the core values that they’ve set for the company internally and externally.

The impact of a mentor

Courtney met her mentor, Dell, in college. Dell was an ELC and counselor for the sorority and she helped Courtney to see her own power. Courtney says she didn’t even know she could be a leader but Dell brought that out in her. When Courtney started this business and saw how organized Dell was and all these processes that she put into place with running the sorority, she shaped Courtney into who she is today and gave her that confidence that she needed to even attempt starting this business.

But what about Lindsey? Does she have a Dell in her life? Lindsey says that Dell ended up being the Dell in her life!. Lindsey had slowly put processes into place before but she earned a lot from Dell. Dell came in and showed them how traction, meetings, and setting rocks works. It gave Lindsey the opportunity to then step into Dell’s role, see what she was doing, and try to find a way to lead on her own. And like Courtney, she gave Lindsey a lot of confidence to be the leader that she needed to be.

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Connect with Courtney, Lindsey, and Grey Bandit

Courtney’s Bio:

Courtney is one of the Founders and CEO of Grey Bandit. Courtney is the Genius behind Grey Bandit’s marketing. Her deep understanding of the Internet and ability to see ahead of the curve especially with social media is what has thrust Grey Bandit to the forefront of fashion. She graduated from Towson University in Maryland where she was an IT Major and Business Minor. Something she has struggled with her entire life is her mental health. Courtney was diagnosed with General Anxiety Disorder, Panic Disorder and Depression at the end of her senior year of high school and what she has learned is that the road to mental health is one that is a life-long commitment. With her own struggles in mind, she and her sister Lindsey were passionate about having a mental health initiative embedded into the Grey Bandit brand. She loves learning and growing alongside her triplet siblings, Lindsey and Robert.

Lindsey’s Bio:

Lindsey is one of the Founders and COO of Grey Bandit. Lindsey is the brains for the behind-the-scenes, making sure every aspect of Grey Bandit runs like a “well-oiled machine”. Growing up with parents who were both entrepreneurs, Lindsey knew from an early age that she wanted to build her own company. Lindsey always admired the dedication and persistence it takes to run a business. She realized how many different components there are to running a well-functioning business operation and how important it is to have processes in place because each role impacts the next. Lindsey graduated from Drexel University in Philadelphia where she was an Entertainment and Arts Management Major and Business Minor. The concept for Grey Bandit took root during her senior year of college, when she decided to write a business plan for her senior project. The plan was for an online clothing boutique with a mission to raise awareness for mental health and mental illness – something that she, her sister, and millions of other people are affected by. At the age of 22 Lindsey and her siblings graduated college in the Spring of 2017 and they decided to take the risk and go for it. They haven’t looked back since.

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