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Hydro Flask & Beyond with Travis Rosbach, Episode #87

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Travis Rosback is the founder of Tumalo Group. The Tumalo Group helps new inventors and entrepreneurs get their business into production. They utilize a list of trusted and experienced manufacturers from around the world to build responsible partnerships between businesses and manufacturers.

Captain Rosback has spent the last 30 years studying and packaging all things business. His previous tenure includes time as an advisor, consultant, public speaker, and business coach to a wide range of industries, celebrities, individuals, and even countries.

Travis is most well-known as the founder of Hydro Flask but has been involved in many other highly successful business endeavors. Prior to entrepreneurship, he was a Scuba Divemaster and Instructor, US Merchant Marine Boat Captain, and Commercial Airline Pilot—not to mention a world explorer. Listen in for some great takeaways about entrepreneurship, mindset, and what it takes to build a billion-dollar brand.

You will want to hear this episode if you are interested in…

  • Learn all about Travi’s business: The Tumalo Group [3:09]
  • How Travis knew he’d discovered the right idea [8:08]
  • How Travis turned $11,000 into a billion-dollar brand [12:26]
  • What motivated Travis when things got hard [15:41]
  • Managing and sustaining 600% growth per quarter [18:38]
  • Why a degree isn’t always necessary to start a business [21:07]
  • Travis’s unique approach to marketing his businesses [27:27]
  • Why Travis wishes he had access to a better mentor [31:18]
  • How does the Tumalo Group help start-ups launch? [34:01]
  • Travis’s unique retirement strategy [36:21]
  • What Travis did that brought him joy [38:53]

What led Travis to become the founder of the Tumalo Group

When Travis gets an idea, he becomes hyper-focused, puts on blinders, and charges ahead diligently for 4–5 years until he accomplishes his goals. Then he sets out to take on a new challenge.

Travis’s passions have led him around the world, getting boat and pilot licenses, becoming a scuba diving master and instructor, to building what he’s known for: Hydro Flask. It all led to Travis founding The Tumalo group.

Travis started the Tumalo group to help people become entrepreneurs. Many inventors and inexperienced business owners need help with sourcing and finding factories that they could trust and build long-term relationships with. Travis also works as an advisor to any size business. After all, everyone wants to be the next Hydro Flask.

How Travis turned $11,000 into a billion-dollar brand: Hydro Flask

Travis put his heart and soul into the business of building Hydro Flask. For five years, his life was solely focused on building the business. As the business grew, others began to see his vision and joined him. It took off like wildfire.

But in the early days, there were many times Travis wanted to quit. He spent a lot of time at rock bottom, crawling along, trying to get another dollar. It was positive customer feedback that kept him going. And as they grew, they gained more sales and more money, so he hired high-quality people aligned with his mission.

What else propelled him forward when things got tough? Travis had a desire to save the planet. He traveled the world and saw the degradation of the coral reefs. He saw garbage and plastics wash up on shores. He thought, “Even if I could save 100 plastic water bottles from being out there, wouldn’t that be awesome?” Travis never counted money—it was never the primary driver. But he counted how many plastic bottles they prevented from going into the ocean. That was his largest motivator.

How did Travis manage and sustain a company that realized 600% growth per quarter? Listen to hear what it takes.

How does the Tumalo Group help start-ups launch?

The Tumalo Group works with startups at any phase (though they prefer that they’re funded). They provide designers that can help take drawings and find a factory that will be the best fit to produce their product. They negotiate the minimum order quantity (MOQ), per piece cost, mold costs, shipping, duties, tariffs, tax—anything a business would need to launch.

What is it like to work with them? Travis notes that they have a set fee schedule per each of the four phases, from conception to go-to-market. They also offer advising packages. The cost to you depends on where you’re at in the process. But whether you’re looking to launch or pivot, they can help. Reach out to The Tumalo Group if you’re ready to build a brand like Hydro Flask.

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Capt. Rosbach has spent the last thirty years studying his entrepreneurial skills. Throughout the previous ten years, Mr. Rosbach has been proud to introduce sourcing, advising, consulting, public speaking, and business coaching to his expertise. His clients include a wide range of industries, celebrities, individuals, and even countries.

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