Legacy Letter Challenge with Blake Brewer, Episode #136

Blake Brewer Legacy Letter Challenge

Blake Brewer is the founder of the Legacy Letter Challenge. At 19 years old, Blake Brewer’s father drowned while they were snorkeling together in Hawaii. Hours later, his mother discovered a letter his dad had planned to give him on their trip. In the letter, his dad not only shared great life advice but he poured out his heart. That letter changed Blake’s life forever.

The world is changing and isn’t getting any easier to navigate. After having children of his own, Blake realized how difficult it is to write a letter like his dad did. But he believes every child needs that letter. Blake is now on a mission to help 1 million dads and moms leave a lasting legacy letter for their children.

He’s created a 10-step online program to help parents write a letter that will impact their children today and be cherished for a lifetime. Listen in for some great takeaways from Blake’s journey of tragedy to helping parents leave a legacy for their children that will make an impact for generations.

You will want to hear this episode if you are interested in…

  • Learn more about Blake Brewer and his father [3:07]
  • How the Legacy Letter Challenge came to be [6:33]
  • Why our children reading our words is so powerful [11:26]
  • Why Blake believes a Dad’s Super Power is his words [14:16]
  • What inspired Blake to turn this into a business venture [15:22]
  • How writing a legacy letter can transform your family’s life [21:19]
  • Should you update and rewrite letters throughout your children’s lives? [24:35]
  • Why writing a letter is an easy way to start conversations [26:01]
  • How to use the legacy letter to connect on a deeper level [27:35]
  • Blake’s tips for someone struggling through tragedy [29:14]
  • What Blake did today that put him in the right mindset for success [31:22]

How the Legacy Letter Challenge came to be

Blake struggled with grief after his father died. There were many times he cried himself to sleep. He found himself constantly playing through “what-ifs.” But any time he thought “what if” it was as if his dad’s voice was right there saying “This wasn’t your fault.” Whenever Blake was navigating difficult times in his life, he’d return to his dad’s letter. It gave him the confidence he needed to persevere.

Three years ago, Blake decided to write his kids a letter. But as he sat looking at the blank piece of paper he thought, “What am I going to write?” He wanted to share everything his children needed to hear. So he read articles and books and listened to podcasts to research what he should say.

When he finished the letter, it was a milestone moment in his journey as a father. He knew he had created something valuable for them but it also changed him in the process. He knew he needed to help more parents write valuable life-changing letters.

What inspired Blake to turn this into a business venture

When Blake shares his story, the #1 response he gets is “I wish I had a letter like that from my dad.” Blake met someone who received a letter from his biological dad when he was 25. He was living a hellish life and had just gotten out of the Marines. He was angry. His father had abandoned him. His mom cycled through four stepfathers that verbally and physically abused him.

But he kept reading the letter. Eventually, it softened his heart and he decided to go meet his dad. They ended up becoming best friends. His life completely changed. He now rescues women and children from sex trafficking. As Blake listened to this story, it struck him that it all started with a letter. It reiterated the importance of helping more people write that letter.

Why our children reading our words is so powerful

We live in a noisy and chaotic world. We try to get our children to hear our words, but do they? We say “I love you” all the time, but do they receive it in a way that sticks? You have to do whatever it takes to get the right words into your children’s hearts. And when they read our words, it’s clear as day.

Everyone says things they wish they could take back. You always hope that that’s not the thing that sticks. You want your kids to remember the words that will build confidence in their lives. Your words can help them discover their life purpose and navigate difficult situations. They can return to these letters many times to get the reminder and encouragement they need.

How writing a legacy letter can transform your family’s life

A guy named Jeff got a group of retired Delta Force men together to work through the Legacy Letter Challenge program. They used it to develop a mission and vision for their family. Jeff couldn’t wait to give the letters to his sons. He gave it to them on Christmas morning. Both sons came back the next day and hugged him but said nothing else. He had poured his heart and soul into these and didn’t get the response he expected. But he didn’t press it.

Six months later, his buddy called him after he spent some time with his son. His son had told him that the letter was his most treasured possession. He reads it every week. No matter what the initial reaction is, you can trust that over time, it will impact their life. Learn more about the impact a Legacy Letter can have in this episode of the Mitlin Money Mindset™.

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Blake is on a mission to help 1 million dads and moms leave a lasting legacy for their children. Blake has a wonderful wife and loves being a father to his three children, all under 8. As he leads his family, he draws from many mentors, but none more important than his late father, Larry Brewer.

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