Master Connector, Episode #95

Master Connector

Nkrumah Pierre is the Managing Director of Business Development and head of the Friends of the Firm program at EisnerAmper. After he joined in 2017, he continued to build on the success of the current program by training and leveraging high-potential management groups and the partner group at the firm.

He uses his skills as a “Master Connector” to develop new business opportunities both for and from the network. He provides coaching and training to the ambassador team in networking, relationship-building, and sales techniques and strategy. Leveraging the skills and talents of colleagues creates greater participation, leads to the building of business development skills, and more prospect opportunities arise.

Listen to this episode of Mitlin Money Mindset™ for some great takeaways about Nkrumah’s journey as a master connector at a major accounting firm and how he connects those he knows in both business and personal life.

You will want to hear this episode if you are interested in…

  • Nkrumah’s path to Director of Business Development & Head of Friends of the Firm
  • Learn more about EisnerAmper and the niche they serve [4:43]
  • Learn about the Friends of The Firm Program [9:33]
  • What does it mean to be a “Master Connector?” [15:37]
  • What is the mindset needed to be a Master Connector? [19:32]
  • Why every business needs to have a Master Connector [23:50]
  • How being a CPA helps Nkrumah as Director of Business Development [29:15]
  • Making an impact as a Black man in an accounting firm [32:33]
  • What are the next big things up for Nkrumah Pierre? [41:05]
  • What Nkrumah did today that brought him joy [43:55]

Nkrumah’s path to Director of Business Development at EisnerAmper

Nkrumah Pierre started his career in executive recruiting around 15 years ago. Then he started PLG Consulting, focused on business development outsourcing. EisnerAmper was one of his clients for multiple years. He fell in love with the business, the accounting marketplace, and the people he worked with.

But he politely declined when they offered him a full-time position during his first year working with them. But in the second year, things shifted in his life, and he decided to onboard full-time. Listen to learn more about EisnerAmper and what they do!

What is the Friends of the Firm Program?

Nkrumah seeks to add value to someone’s life and business. The Friends of the Firm (FoF) program is a completely free program that EisnerAmper offers. Nkrumah is investing his time at no cost to the customer. FoF is a network of CFOs, controllers, and HR executives who are former and current clients. They are literally friends of the firm. The goal of the network is to connect companies with potential employees.

Nkrumah previously worked recruiting. The average commission a recruiter gets for every new hire is 25% of their annual salary. If he can help an organization that’s looking for a CFO by placing an executive for free, he’s surrounded by happy people. The clients are saving thousands of dollars and someone has been placed at a new job. It’s a win-win for everyone.

The program offers value without asking for anything in return. They save prospective clients thousands of dollars. Why wouldn’t they want to partner with EisnerAmper to handle their accounting? People want to reciprocate what you’ve done for them. The program has been massively successful.

What does it mean to be a “Master Connector?”

When Nkrumah was a recruiter, people would constantly tell him he was the “King of networking” and “The Master Connector.” Everyone thinks head hunters are only interested in the transaction and that they only care about their commission. Nkrumah has never been that way. He emphasizes that his clients are his friends. Nkrumah has a big heart and cares about building long-term relationships.

What makes Nkrumah a master connector? He focuses on giving first. He adds value as soon as possible in any relationship. Adding value can look like political capital, social capital, sharing information and knowledge, and more. You have to listen to someone, digest what they’re saying, think about how you can connect the dots, and only then do you speak.

What is the mindset needed to be a “Master Connector?”

Do you want to become a master connector? If you want to be a master connector, you need to be authentic. If you don’t have integrity, people will know. People need to enjoy your company. People need to know, like, and trust you.

When you’re listening to someone, you need to think about how you can help the other person. What would they like you to think about when you talk to people about their business or about who they are? Then you need to collect and connect the dots. What are their pain points? What do they want to see more of?

Keep listening to hear Nkrumah share an example of what being a master connector looks like.

Do all businesses need to have a Master Connector?

Nkrumah emphasizes that every business needs intelligent and thoughtful sales executives and at least 1–2 business development executives. Those sales professionals need to immerse themselves in the business and get to know their partners.

Nkrumah also believes that every sales professional should build their own personal brand. Your “jersey” can change but your personal branding is consistent throughout your career.

When people hear your name, do they think “giver” or “taker?” You want them to think of you as someone that can help them build their business. You want only positive things to come to mind. You want them to know you as a connector. If you can’t help them, they know you’ll connect them with someone who will.

Nkrumah consistently strives to develop and elevate others. Listen to hear how Nkrumah is making an impact and breaking barriers as a Black man in the accounting space.

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Nkrumah Pierre is a Director of Business Development and head of the Friends of the Firm program (FoF) at EisnerAmper. He provides support to clients seeking to hire accounting, finance and human resources executives. In addition, through the FoF program, Nkrumah will offer a unique support experience for FoF members by providing job search support, job opportunity referrals, networking assistance and coaching.

Prior to joining the firm, Nkrumah was the founder and CEO of Pierre Lee Group, a boutique consulting firm that offered executive business development and strategy guidance, thought leadership event curation, diversity and inclusion advisory, and career coaching consulting. He has worked for national executive search firms and built an expertise in matching qualified candidates with hiring organizations.

Nkrumah is a frequent speaker before professional organizations, and recently presented at the Accounting Finance Show, a major conference and exhibition in New York. He is the former co-chair of the Apollo Theater’s Young Patrons Board and currently serves as an advisor and a past honoree of The Network Journal’s “40 Under Forty” Professionals of Color.

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