How to Podcast with Carey Green, Episode #90

After being a pastor for 20+ years Carey Green retired in 2013—but he still had to provide for his family. He’d been podcasting himself for a few years and recognized the needs podcasters have for audio production and show notes services, so he decided to give it a try. That’s how Pod …

Life After the NHL with Cody Bass, Episode #89

Cody Bass is a Pro Scout for the Colorado Avalanche and owner of Recurve Real Estate. Cody played 13 years of professional hockey, and officially retired from the sport in 2019. He continues to stay connected as a scout by evaluating talent and potential fits for the team. Cody was drawn to …

Google Ads with Kasim Aslam, Episode #88

Kasim Aslam is the founder and CEO of Solutions 8, one of the world’s top-ranked Google ad agencies. He is also the traffic coach for Digital Marketer’s Elite Coaching Program and was hand-selected to help create their new paid traffic certification. He’s also the co-host of “Perpetual Traf …

Hydro Flask & Beyond with Travis Rosbach, Episode #87

Travis Rosback is the founder of Tumalo Group. The Tumalo Group helps new inventors and entrepreneurs get their business into production. They utilize a list of trusted and experienced manufacturers from around the world to build responsible partnerships between businesses and manufacturers …

The 80/80 Marriage with Nate Klemp, Episode #86

Dr. Nate Klemp is the founding partner of “Mindful” and co-author of the newly released, “The 80/80 Marriage,” a new model for a happier, stronger marriage. Nate and his wife have both led successful careers consulting for high-powered companies around the world. Their work as mindfulness a …

Profit Advisor, Episode #85

Pam Jordan is the President of Pivot Business Group. She is a no-nonsense financial expert and speaker who specializes in analyzing and streamlining the backend of fast-growing companies while efficiently creating more profit and strategic growth. Pam started the Pivot Business Group and wo …

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