Reading with Your Kids, Episode #101

Jed Doherty

Jed Doherty is a former licensed social worker who is known around the world as Jedlie. He’s brought a magical message of caring and community to millions of hearts through on-stage performances at schools, libraries, and churches throughout the US.

In 2017, Jedly launched the “Reading with Your Kids” podcast to help families grow closer through reading. It introduces parents, caregivers, and educators to authors of all genres of children’s literature. The podcast has been downloaded on every continent on the planet—including Antarctica. It was nominated for the best kids and family podcast by iHeart radio and received an AVA digital award.

Past guests include LeVar Burton, Kate DiCamillo, Jerry Spinelli, and hundreds more. Listen in for some great takeaways about the power of reading and how it can positively impact your family for generations.

You will want to hear this episode if you are interested in…

  • Learn all about Jed Doherty [2:51]
  • From social work to podcasting [5:26]
  • Why reading with your kids is so important [7:18]
  • How Jed selects authors to appear on the podcast [13:41]
  • What led Jed to travel the country and speak at schools [17:09]
  • What does it mean to be an educational clown? [21:54]
  • How his anti-bullying work has impacted kids [23:19]
  • What’s happening next for Jed Doherty? [27:12]
  • What out Jed in the right mindset for success [29:16]

Why Jed became a podcast host

Jed was always a fan of talk radio and loved the idea of being a host someday. So much so that as a child, he’d crawl under his covers at night with his transistor radio and listen to talk show hosts late into the night. So when podcasting became popular, he started a few.

He was looking to launch a new podcast and sat down to think about what had made a difference in his family’s life. He realized it was the time he spent reading to his kids when they were young. That was the foundation of their strong relationships. He sought to use his platform to share that every parent can experience that same bond they have with their kids. It starts with reading.

Why reading with your kids is so important

Jed notes that reading with your kids is a great way to help them develop empathy. It’s also a great way to imagine how they would deal with different situations. He shares that “Books can be mirrors, windows, and sliding glass doors giving kids a chance to see themselves portrayed positively on the pages…”

It also allows them to see kids from different cultures, different languages, lifestyles, etc., and understand that we are all part of the human family. Jed also wants to remind parents that books are a great way to help their kids become financially literate. Stories make an impression and remain with them throughout their lives.

Parents have to remember that they are their kids’ first and most important teachers and they can look for tools and books to instill values in their children.

What led Jed to travel the country and speak at schools

Jed had been performing at healthy choice shows (say no to drugs and alcohol) for many years. A school in Maine asked him to develop an anti-bullying program. Very quickly, it became his most popular show. During this time—as he was traveling the country telling kids they had the right to go to school and feel safe—his son was the target of a bully and didn’t tell them.

But one day Jed saw something happen while he was at a school assembly. A girl from an older grade approached him and told him what had been going on. They got both his son and the other child the help that they needed. It gave him more of a personal connection to the work he was doing.

Keep listening to learn more about Jed’s heart and mission and hear him share a heart-warming story about how his anti-bullying work personally impacted a child.

If you’ve written a great kid’s book, head over to and click on “be a guest” and send Jed a pitch to be featured on the podcast!

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Jed Doherty is a former licensed, certified social worker who is known throughout the World as Jedlie! Starting in 1983 Jedlie has brought a magical message of caring and community to millions of hearts through his on stage performances at schools, libraries and churches throughout the United States and Puerto Rico.

In 2017 Jedlie launched the Reading With Your Kids Podcast. He knew that his relationship and the ongoing conversations he has with his now adult kids began decades ago while reading together. The podcast’s mission is to help families grow closer through reading.

edlie introduces parents, care givers and educators to authors of all genres of Children’s Literature. Since it’s debut the podcast has published over 1350 episodes. The show has been downloaded to hundreds of countries throughout the World and has been downloaded to every continent on the Planet, including Antarctica!

The show was nominated for the iHeartRadio Best Kids & Family Podcast Award and received an AVA Digital Award. Past guests include some of the most influential authors in the World including LeVar Burton, Kate DiCamillo, Jerry Spinelli and hundreds more.

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