Scoop There It Is, Episode #102

DC Glenn

DC Glenn is the CEO of a Digital Marketing Company, CLG Investments Inc. You might know him as “DC the Brain Supreme” of Tag Team, who made music history with his multi-platinum hit single and album, “Whoomp There It Is.” You’ll likely also remember him from the popular Geico commercial, “Scoop There It Is.”

DC is a talented musician, producer, DJ, marketer, and businessman. He excels at voice acting and is one of the top urban voices for Apple’s iTunes radio. He worked from the ground up to develop a rewarding business and is strengthening his enterprise.

DC is passionate about empowering, educating, and leaving a legacy of inspiration behind for anyone who hopes to succeed in the music industry. Listen for some great takeaways about how this legendary musician created one of the biggest records ever recorded and embraced the life of an entrepreneur.

You will want to hear this episode if you are interested in…

  • Learn more about DC Glenn/DC the Brain Supreme of Tag Team [3:14]
  • What it feels like to have one of the biggest records ever recorded [8:36]
  • Was the song in Mighty Ducks used with their permission? [16:01]
  • How DC fought his way back to success with “Scoop There It Is” [19:52]
  • Where DC’s hard-working and hustling mindset originated [23:57]
  • How being a voice-over artist moved DC’s career forward [30:55]
  • The next big thing that’s in the pipeline for DC Glenn [38:44]
  • What DC did that brought him joy and put him in the mindset for success [40:51]

Learn more about DC Glenn/DC the Brain Supreme of Tag Team

DC met Steve Rowland in High School and ended up in a band together. DC sang in a choir and played the piano and trumpet. He saw a turntable and mixer at a high school dance and knew he’d become a DJ. One of the first songs he wrote, “Whoomp There It Is,” became one of the biggest records ever recorded. It went platinum in a month-and-a-half.

DC notes that he made bad decisions from a lack of experience. Sadly, he got into a legal battle when his record company went bankrupt. Another record company bought them out of bankruptcy, but DC lost the rights to his music in the mess. He vowed that would never happen again. He learned what the case was about, how to craft a motion, and how to find someone to take his case.

They went through 50 motions to get his lawsuit into court. He put together a discovery file with every piece of information they had. He learned that things will happen and you can’t get mad—you just have to be prepared. So he’s dedicated his life to helping educate other artists so they don’t make the same mistakes.

DC forged ahead and created his own way

In 2003, Will Ferrell was dancing to his song in the movie, “Elf.” DC knew he had an evergreen product and a forever hit record. He knew it was up to him to get his money. Shortly after, he became a licensed commodities broker. He worked at three firms while still DJing at clubs. His record company had depleted his money, so he had to work. It’s how CLG Investments Inc formed.

He worked with someone at Edward Jones to invest his money. They crafted a plan to take his money and start putting it into SEP IRAs, Roth IRAs, hedge funds, etc. It worked. It elevated his investing IQ. He continued to use his song—even though he wasn’t making any money from it—to get shows, commercials, etc.

Listen to learn how DC is constantly innovating and educating himself to further his career.

How DC Glenn fought his way back to success with “Scoop There It Is”

In August 2020, his agent called him and told him that he had booked a Geico commercial. He thought she was messing with him until he checked his phone and saw the message. His agents made this commercial the most lucrative deal he’s ever made. The commercial was cast perfectly and they had an amazing time.

But he landed the commercial in the middle of the Covid pandemic and he couldn’t find a publicist that would take him on. So he joined The Public Relations Society of America the week of the Super Bowl. He was on a podcast with the CEO and asked if a press release was still relevant. He shared his commercial on that podcast and it changed his life forever.

How being a voice-over artist moved DC’s career forward

DC notes that the pandemic was the best thing that ever happened to him. He started doing voiceover work in 2009 and struggled. 10 years later, he tried again. Now he does voiceovers for commercials, promos, animated movies, and trailers. Now, he’s getting 10 requests for auditions a day. He gets booked instantly. He started taking acting classes and booked his first national commercial for Pizza Hut in February 2020.

DC learned that in life there are no mistakes and missed opportunities. Sometimes in life, you’re just not ready. He does amazing things because someone told him that he couldn’t. He continues to prove them wrong. He prepares for everything and seeks to become a master. He views obstacles as opportunities.

Listen to learn more about DC’s entrepreneurial journey and the mindset that keeps him forging ahead!

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Recently featured in the fun Auto Insurance Commercial for Geico the 90s

classic Reel School HIP HOP due TAG TEAM is back on TOP. Bursting onto the scene with their TOP OF THE POPS hit and automatically became one of those songs that stick in your head. “Whoomp! (There It Is).” The track quickly climbed to #1 on the Billboard Hot R&B charts in just 14 days.

The song continues to appeal to admirers who were raised in the ‘90s and appeals to new enthusiasts of every era as it is recognised as a true symbol of the time. “Whoomp! (There It Is)” has been showcased in world-class nationwide ad campaigns as well as in Hollywood hit motion pictures and television series

DC Glenn and Steve thrive on hooking up with brand new fans who have discovered them via viral Facebook posts and appreciate seeing their blissful faces when they listen to the song performed live. Tag Team pioneers DC The Brain Supreme and Steve Rolln stay dedicated to entertaining fans and delivering an old-school hip-hop blowout to hotspots around the world.

In addition to their consistent old school performing schedule, both DC Glenn and Steve Rolln are also sought-after international speakers. A professional voice artist and actor, DC Glenn is represented by the People Store Agency in Atlanta and frequently talks on the challenges of the music industry. Steve Rolln, a talented music producer who regularly looks for fresh talent, addresses sophisticated ways of getting into the industry. Both DC Glenn and Steve are sought-after presenters at music training seminars, law colleges and universities, and entertainment industry events.

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