Success with Marques Ogden, Episode #72

Today’s guest on the Mitlin Money Mindset™ is Marques Odgen, former NFL athlete, now a keynote speaker, business coaching consultant, bestselling author, and podcast host. In 2003, Marques was drafted into the NFL as an offensive lineman. Following his NFL career Marques started a construction company that quickly grew into a multimillion-dollar construction firm. In 2013, it all crashed down around him after he got involved with a bad business deal and ended up losing everything.

During his dark hours, Marques pulled himself together, got a part-time job as a custodian, and with hard work and determination got to where he is today. Marques decided he would use what he had learned from his experiences, both as an athlete and as an entrepreneur, to help others succeed where he had failed. His passion is to create value for every client and some of his clients are well known, such as Home Depot and Liberty Mutual to name a couple. Listen in and hear about Marques’ journey from NFL to entrepreneur and how he has used his experiences to help countless people succeed at a very high level.

You will want to hear this episode if you are interested in…

  • Marques’ path from the NFL to entrepreneur [2:53]
  • Challenges shifting from the NFL into the business world [7:00]
  • Transferring the regimented process of the NFL into the corporate world [11:35]
  • Sibling rivalries are a thing. Were they for Marques and his brother? [14:12]
  • Where did Marques’ interest in coaching come from? [16:29]
  • What is the success cycle? [20:09]
  • Who are Marques’ ideal clients? [23:11]
  • What are the biggest obstacles that Marques help clients with? [25:13]
  • 3 things you can do today to regain focus and move towards your goals [28:00]
  • What Marques did today that put him in the right mindset for success? [31:48]

The Sucess Cycle

Marques talks about the success cycle a lot. What is it? How does that work? How can entrepreneurs and other business people incorporate it into what they’re doing?

Marques says the success cycle is comprised of three main traits, ambition, drive, and hard work.

Ambition is all about identifying your goals, creating your roadmap and/or blueprint for success to get where you want to go in life.

Drive is all about being inspired over motivated. He says one of his mentors says it best “motivation is garbage but inspiration is for the long haul”.

Lastly, hard work. Focus on yourself, not the competition. Start focusing on whatever it is YOU can do, instead of what your competition is doing. Make it a point to be better than you were yesterday.

Big obstacles that Marques helps people overcome

There are some common obstacles that Marques has been successful in helping entrepreneurs overcome. A big one is what he calls the procrastination effect. Where they are waiting for the perfect time. There is no perfect time! Another is the fear of failure. People are afraid of making a mistake and they end up staying in their comfort zone. Jonah Hill, the actor has a great quote, “The comfort zone is where dreams go to die.”

Then there is the one Marques sees the most. The ego. Marques says when people come to him, usually by the third or fourth call, if they have an ego problem it’s gone because he makes it very clear that if they don’t get rid of the ego they will end up as he did. The ego is the number one killer of any business owner that he’s seen because they get so caught up in worrying about the success, the money, the fame, the notoriety. All of those things can be gone in a blink of an eye.

3 things you can do today to regain focus and move towards your goals

Here are three things that you can do and implement today to regain focus and start moving towards your goal. Something easy where you can feel a win.

#1 Write down your three biggest strengths.

#2 Tell people in your inner circle what you want to get accomplished.

#3 Create and write down the goals you want to turn into accomplishments.

Strengths, what are three things you do best. Talk to your inner circle and let them know what you’re trying to do. Then write down the goals you want to accomplish and get after it.

Once you know what the strengths are, write the goals down, then you tell your inner circle “I can do these things. I’ve got these three big strengths. Here are the goals I want to become my accomplishments.” By telling your inner circle you indirectly hold yourself accountable.

Do those three things today. Right now. Marques promises you it will start to move you towards where you want to go in life.

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A little background about Marques, in 2003, he was drafted into the NFL as an offensive lineman, after 5 years of playing in the league, he decided to retire and pursue a career in construction and contracting. At the age of 27, Marques founded a construction company called Kayden Premier Enterprises. The company had fast growth in 2010, but eventually, his business went bankrupt, losing almost 2 million dollars on one project in a matter of 90 days.

During his darkest hours, he pulled himself together, got a part-time job as a custodian, and with hard work and determination became an inspirational keynote speaker, executive coach, best-selling author, and marketing leader, helping to build the success of others.

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